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December 22nd, 2006 - plasmawhore

About December 22nd, 2006

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I haven't posted any pictures this week because nothing much has really been going on. Monday night was kinda weird. After class, which was out at 8, my friend Henna asked if we(Jessica and I) were doing anything that night. We didn't have any plans, but I had gotten a text message from an american girl, who is in my film class, asking me if I wanted to get a drink that night. Henna decided to come along and we met the american girl and her english friend in front of Starbucks at 9.30pm. We then went to an Irish Pub, which had really overpriced drinks and I got an Guiness, which is rare to find in German bars which usually only serve German beer. The bar was okay, but it was mostly full of american army people. There was a group of musicians at the table next to us who played some cool music all night with guitars and a bagpipe. I suggested to the English girl that we go somewhere else, because she was only concerned with getting Irish Whisky and I knew a place a few blocks away that had good whisky for about half the price they were charging at the Irish Pub. As we left I noticed that a middled-aged(probably about 45 years old) German man was coming with us. I figured that the Englisch Girl had invited him along. I found out at the next bar though that he had followed us and the girls wanted to get rid of him. That was easier said than done. At the next bar he bought us all about 3 rounds of drinks; after the first round we would have felt bad if we had told him to get lost. He was generally pretty nice, but toward the end of the night he kept insisting that he wanted to walk the english girl home since they were headed in the same direction. She felt very uncomfortable with this and asked me to get rid of him. I decided that we would all go to my house, which was only 2 blocks away, and tell him that he couldn't come in. I tried to tell him this before we left the bar, but he followed us to my door and it was there that I made if very clear that he couldn't come in. After leaving him at the door we ran up the stairs to my room and "hid" for about an hour. We sat around and listened to music and watched some TV and at about 3am the girls finally left. I escorted them to the door and looked around outside, just in case the guy was crazy enough to be waiting for them. All in all it was a pretty weird night.

Tonight I went out again for about 2 hours with Jessica, Jessica's boyfriend Ely, who is visiting her from Oregon, and the american girl. Most of the bars were full because it is the first night of Winter Break, so we ended up at a place none of us had been to before. They were playing really terrible 70's Funk music, but at about 10.30pm they brought out a buffet, which turned out to be completely free! For only 2.50 euro I got a beer and dinner. We didn't stay long though since the american girl is flying home for xmas in the morning and I wanted to get some rest before I head to Tuebingen in the morning.

I am attaching some pictures that I took while we were hiding out in my room on monday night. The girl hiding her face is Henna from Finland. She told me that Finnish people are shy and don't like their picture taken; which is mostly true, as I had learned in my Skandinavian class last year. But, here is a link to her website which does have a few pictures of her face:

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