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January 3rd, 2007 - plasmawhore

About January 3rd, 2007

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Well, it wasn't all bad, but we had a lot of problems. Leaving Rome all the trains were full until late at night and on that train there were only 2 1st Class Seats left, so we had to pay a fortune to get to Venice. In Germany trains are never full and I have never had to buy a ticket in advance, but in Italy everyone has to sit in a seat so they can only sell a certain number of tickets. Often on German trains I just stand in the area between trains if the train is too full. Then in Venice the busses were rarely running so we ended up spending a fortune on Taxis, and all the restaurants were ridiculously overpriced and all the grocery stores were closed so we had to pay 3 euro for small bottles of water. The tap water tasted like Chlorine.

There were a lot of fun things we did also, but about half the trip was spent waiting in the cold for busses that never came and eventually calling taxis after 2 hours. I posted a ton of pictures on my Flickr, and I will write up a longer description of what we did later, but right now I am really tired after getting up at 3.30am and travelling (1 hour airplane plus 2 hours waiting in the airport, 1.5 hours bus and then another 1 hour Train) to get home.

Pictures(I filled my memory card. I don't post all the pictures I take on flickr though, some of them didn't turn out that great.):

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