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January 4th, 2007 - plasmawhore

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I woke up late the day we were leaving, probably about 10am or so. The flight wasn't leaving until 8pm and I wanted to be awake and rested when we had to find the hotel. I met up with Alexandra at the Hbf(Train station) at about 1.30 and we went to buy tickets to the Hahn Airport. I had planned out our trip online and figured it would only cost 9 euro each for the trip to the airport, but when we tried to buy the tickets the guy at the counter said to take the bus for 18 euro. According to the website though it should only cost 9 euro total if we took the train to Mainz and then a bus from there. We got our tickets to Mainz and hopped on the train. Mainz was cold and wet. The bus arrived on time there, but it cost 11 euro! There is no other way to get to the Hahn Airport so we had to do it. The bus ride was about 1.5 hours and we arrived at the airport more than 3 hours before our flight was scheduled to leave. We got checked in and wandered around the tiny(about the size of Medford's airport) airport for a couple hours. The plane boarded about 40 minutes late, even though Ryanair's motto is "The On-Time Airline" in addition to "The Low Fares Airline". Once on the plane the captain came on the loudspeaker telling everyone to sit down because if we didn't leave within 10 minutes we would be stuck there for 2 hours before there was another take-off slot open. Seating on Ryanair flights is pretty stupid. It's more like a Bus than an Airplane, where no one has assigned seats and it is just a free-for-all. Luckily everyone sat down right away and we were able to take off quickly. During the flight we could order food or drinks and for each thing we purchased we got a Raffle ticket and at the end of the flight they drew a ticket and one person won a free flight. I found the cheapest thing on the menu(Cookies and Twix Bar) and Alexandra and I each bought won; we didn't win the raffle though. After food they tried selling Scratch-it lottery tickets, perfume, toys, etc. The flights are so cheap that they must make most of their money by selling stuff on the plane. We arrived in Rome later than I had planned and the Trains from the Aiport to the city were no longer running, so we had to get on yet another Bus for a ride to the main station in Rome. Once there we found out that the Metro was no longer running and we were forced to take a cab. The haggled with some guy that didn't have a real taxi and got our cab ride for only 20 euro, it probably would have been about 25 euro as a metered ride. We were able to check into the hotel quickly and went up to check out our room. The beds were terrible, more like box-springs than beds, but we were tired enough from travelling that it didn't matter. Before checking the softness of the beds we walked straight to the bathroom to have a look at it. We didn't know it yet, but it was very typical of hotel bathrooms in Italy. It had a toilet and a Bidet, the bathtub/shower had no curtain and was pretty much out in the open in the middle of the room. And hanging on the wall next to the bathtub was a string that looked like it might be the string to turn a light on so I pulled it right away. I heard a quite noise coming from somewhere and told Alexandra to be quiet for a minute so we could listen. I pulled it a couple more times and I heard a buzzing coming from the hallway. I felt around on the wall a little more and found the regular light switch and the lights came on and I was able to see the sign on the wall next to the string I had been pulling which said "Only pull string in case of Emergency. An alarm will sound at the front desk." We had been in the room for less than 2 minutes I had had already pulled the alarm! I didn't want to make the receptionist walk all the way up to see if we were okay so I called down to let him know what happened. They probably get that a lot from Americans. We hadn't had a chance to eat all night and I was starving, unfortunately there was nothing open in the area and all I had for dinner that night was my Bisc and Twix which I had saved from the plane. We finally got to bed at about 1am.
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